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Door Frame Supplies & Fittings

If you’re looking for external and internal bi-fold doors in Perth, we undertake a wide range of services with respect to folding doors. Repairing is one of the most important components of the entire service architecture that is taken care of. Folding door repair includes fitting replacement guides and wheels replacing the worn hinges and flush bolts. Replacement and installation of locks are also done on folded doors. Safety hazards of glass are also managed through application of vision tapes that make the clear area more and more visible. Installation and supply of tapes are also adequately provided according to the needs of the situation. Replacements of rotten timber liners are executed without the need to remove the door frame from the wall. Building code requirements for installation of the correct type of timber is met by a franchise owner completing this type of work. We also re hinge folded doors as they are critical for the ongoing reliable usage of bi folded door systems. Variety of makes and models of flush bolts are also provided for both replacement and repairing. New and existing locks are also arranged to have one single key operation. Set of doors are assessed for suitability to complete the retro fit operations. Franchise owners give the correct advice to the client community in terms of making folded doors suitable in all sorts of premise architecture.